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I was so thrilled with the work Screaming Muse did on my website! They were imaginative, creative and fast, as well as extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend them and will hire them again for my next project for sure.

Sarah Johns

Singer, Actress









all-inclusive packages

You may have multiple needs, across multiple platforms. Web design, social, content. Maybe you need all of them. Maybe you need a combo of 2. Maybe you need setup, maybe you need monthly maintenance, or maybe you just need a check in once in a while. 

No two businesses have the same needs. So we custom build our packages to suit you.

Give us a shout by phone or email so we can talk to you about putting together the perfect package for you.

web design

You want the site you want. That's how it should be. Our job is to make that site happen in a way that is most functional and optimized (that means we do the fancy behind-the-scenes stuff for you), and just as beautiful as you've imagined. 

Do you want to be able to upload your content going forward? Do you want us to maintain the site for you, or upload your regular content? These are all details that we can work out. You need a site that works for you.

Big or small, we can customize a package to your needs. Get in touch by phone or email so we can talk to you about pricing for the site you want.


Social Media is a huge part of business these days. And if you don't love it, it can be super daunting.

We can set up your social medias sites, and you can maintain them. Or you've already set them up, but you'd like them tweaked and managed. Or you don't have a clue what this Facebook thing is, but you know you should be on it. Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? What the heck are they?

Maybe you just want to hand the whole Social thing over to someone else entirely, and stop losing sleep at night.

Whatever your approach is, we will work with you to best suit the needs of you and your business. Whether you want a one-time set up, or a monthly plan, we can put together a Social strategy that is individualized to you, so you get exactly what you want.

Call or email us so we can start talking about how to make Social work for you.


Do you just love playing with words, rolling them around on your tongue like a fine wine?

No? You're in luck. We totally do.

Whether you need website copy, daily prompts, or full on blogging, we have folks who feel about the written word the way most people feel about chocolate. Sweet, indulgent, and to be savoured. But with excellent spelling and grammar.

Oh, and it's really important that your copy suits the voice of your business, so we pay pretty close attention to that. Are you sassy and slightly irreverent? Corporate and straight-ahead? Funny? Information-based? Whatever your voice is, we'll speak in it. Kind of like a really good ventriloquist.

Call or email us and tell us what you need. We'll put together a Content package for you that rocks those needs.